About Mommy Issues

You should know this about me: I’m a fixer. I come from a long line of fixers. My mom was a fixer, and her mom too. It’s just in my blood. That’s why I started Mommy Issues. I’m really good at solving people’s problems and it’s time that we start putting mom’s issues first, not just shoving them aside till everyone else’s needs are met. 

The $100,000,000 question

Someone recently asked what I would do for a living if I had $100 million dollars and I didn’t have to work. The answer? I’d be a crisis concierge for women to turn to when they need someone to help them through the really bad parts of life. The stuff no one really wants to talk about– navigating divorce, how to figure out how to stop peeing your pants after having a baby, having honest questions about money and how much you should really be saving, and what happens if you ever have to battle an insurance company. I want to be the person in the trenches helping moms figure it out. But, I have a day job and kids to tend to, so I thought I’d just take it one question at a time and share the solutions with you here, on Mommy Issues.

So who am I?

I have a background as a researcher and a journalist and I love finding solutions. In my groups of friends, I’m the person you turn to when you need a recommendation, a decision made or a problem solved. I’ve never liked the spotlight. I don’t want the credit or recognition, so I’m doing this under a cloud of anonymity. You can call me Mi.

How’s it work?

If you have a problem or a question you want help solving, email me at mommyissues@gmail.com. If I can help, I’ll do the research and help find the best solution and share what I find here on MommyIssues. I’ll interview experts, review products, and do the leg work to try to answer your questions. I’ll try to tackle most problems, but the ones I really want to write about are those that apply to moms everywhere: the issues we all face. So try me, what do you have to lose?